About Us

FinneyTaylor Consulting Group is among the top IT recruiting agencies in Canada. With over 51,000 IT professionals registered with us from across Canada, we maintain a solid reputation with Canada’s IT business community.

We strive to offer our clients with exceptionally qualified IT professionals the market has to offer.

FinneyTaylor Consulting Group IT Areas:

  • Mobile Development (Angular, Node JS, Java)
  • Data Management , Business Intelligence
  • Mobile Application Development (Angular, Node JS,Java)
  • Cloud Engineering
  • ERP Specialist
  • Dev Ops and Security
  • Digital Project Management
  • Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Scrum Design

IT Recruiter That Delivers
Progressive, Skilled Talent

Hiring, retaining, and discovering top IT telent is a key challenge for business of all kinds, including even leading recruitment agencies in Canada. At FinneyTaylor Consulting Group, we understand and diligently help you find work in roles like ERP Specialist, Digital project Manager and QA in this fast-paced and ever-changing business. Few businesses transform what they do and how they do it more quickly than cloud computing and mobile application, and those businesses must adapt to these changes just as swiftly to thrive. In an already overstreteched talent pool, these market conditions produce tremendous demand for top talent. Companies are feeling the pinch as top performers have more options and negotiation power than they had a decade ago. They would certainly appreciate to have a skilled personal like yourself on board.

In the highly competitive IT talent market, time is a paramount importance. Our Best Match Employment Consulting Ltd agency realizes how quickly the competitive metrics can transform, and being one of the top recruitment agencies in Canada, we steer these changes to quickly and successfully drive business results, whether you're looking for a suitable employer or you need talented employees for an internal IT organization.


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What we Offer

  • 51,000+ current candidates
  • 12% have been interviewed by a FinneyTaylor recruiter
  • 2.2% are platinum candidates (proven track records)
  • Long standing relationships within the IT community (Est 1995)
  • Easy to use contract management/reporting tools
  • Software Development/ Deployment Teams

Quality Guarantee

  • FinneyTaylor offers 6 month extended replacement guarantees on our permanent placements.
  • One month refunds offered.
  • Guarantees on contract placements.
  • Full Errors & Omissions and General liability coverage offered.


"FinneyTaylor has been very helpful to my company on many occasions finding contract positions and supporting the needs of our organization. They met the company’s requirements and were able to find suitable candidates for our postings. In those cases they were able to find us qualified candidates in a very short time frame. I also need to give kudos to their account executive as she is well versed in understanding the organizational requirements, extremely flexible and the communication from FinneyTaylor at all times was exceptional."

Director of IT, Energy Company- 09/08/2020

"Having worked with numerous consulting and staffing groups in the past it’s been a challenge for them to understand and match candidates that have the technical and soft skills to our specific cultural needs. FinneyTaylor’s ability to understand our technical requirements, soft skills and corporate culture then matching that to an exceptional resource is second to none."

Director, Information Technology, Large Energy Services Firm - 08/31/20

"I wanted to thank you for your help, we are very pleased to work with you and your firm. We are quite impressed by the candidates and it is saving us a lot of time and headache. As such, we will at this time fully rely on your firm for our upcoming hires."

Director of HR, Large Software Firm - 08/24/20